The Office


Founded in 1997, AMR Law office was planned and designed with the goal of providing modern legal solutions for the International Trade sector.

Because of the Brazilian economic opening (1990-1992), the international exchange of goods and services has experienced a tremendous breakthrough in volume and quality (added value), taking the Brazilian trade balance to a jump from U$ 56.34 billion in 1992 to U$ 465.70 billion in 2012, and triggering a major demand for skilled labor.

Graduated in Law from the Catholic University of Paraná, Specialist in Tax Law from CEU/SP, Master in Economic and Financial Law from USP, with research focused on international trade, Professor of MBA in International Tradeat UnicenP, the lawyer Alexandre Medeiros Régnier noticed that repressed demand for specialists and, abdicating he traditional pattern of full service law firms, he has created a segmented and polished office, prepared to offer legal services with expertise and excellence nationwide .

The office focuses, therefore, in the areas of Customs Law and International Trade Law, comprising the sub-areas of Contract Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Tax Law, Registration and Certification, and International Investment, providing services of:

  • Consulting
  • Project development and management
  • Representation of clients before administrative and judicial courts

Welcome to AMR Customs and International Trade Law Office!